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1- Tell me something about you as a person.

Thanks for your curiosity! This requires an inner reflection about who I am and what I do for others. I am 42 years old, which is not too young but also not too old to make life what I want. You probably already understand that my passion is photography. I live for it. My greatest desire is to travel the world as a wedding photographer, experiencing new cultures and traditions and enriching myself with life experiences. The education I received from my family made me the man I am today: simple, sweet, and genuine with the people around me, as well as strong and demanding when it comes to my work. I love my family and I love doing things and sharing decisions with my wife Egla. I also enjoy spending my free moments walking, watching a movie, laughing or crying, or visiting a museum. If you’re wondering what I cannot do without, that would be honesty! It is such a pity to try to deceive others. The truth always comes out, and there is no worse thing than when trust is lost.

2- Where are you based?

I live in Pisa, a city of art and culture in the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

3- Where do you work?

I work throughout Italy and abroad, satisfying client requests with different services: wedding photo shoots, wedding portrait sessions, engagement sessions, elopements, honeymoons, and even trash the dress photos. I love traveling and shooting in new places, so do not hesitate to contact me for a quote. We can always find the best solution for both parties.

4- Why should I trust you?

In Italy, we say “Do not do to others what you would not want have done to you.”

You can trust me because I’m an honest person, and I respect the couples who choose me and their decisions. I know exactly how you feel if something unexpected happens that upsets your plans and expectations (because I have also lived this wedding experience).

We know that marriage is an expensive investment, but I want to reassure you that I do not want to sell you more than you need. I guarantee that everything will happen according to the contractual agreements and there will be no last hour changes from me.

5- How can I be sure you’re different from others? You will really not try to trick me?

I am not an entrepreneur and I do not sell products like in the supermarket. I call myself an artist who works with photography, and I do not have to trick my clients to make money. Moreover, you are protected by a written and signed contract, and you will pay what is written on the contract and nothing more.

I want to clarify that if during the negotiations we realize we are not made for each other, after having clarified any doubt or perplexity, you do not have to feel obliged to buy anything and I will feel the same.

It is everyone’s right to get out of the negotiations without either of us feeling obliged or uncomfortable to continue. After all, marriage costs an effort, work hours, and money. It is hard to choose suppliers and then not be comfortable and in tune with them.

6- If I decide to work with you, how can you make me happy with my choice so that I do not have to fight with my family for the price?

Some think that the happiness of a couple depends on the wedding photo shoot that we perform, obviously of quality and with many beautiful photos. And it’s true. Who would not want to look nice in the photos? But the happiness I talk about goes beyond that.

Your happiness is ensured by the attention, dedication, seriousness, and professionalism I give to my couples. This should be considered normal for every photographer, but sometimes it is not.

– It is ensured by me putting myself at your disposal and solving problems to ease the weight and fatigue that marriage entails.

-It is ensured by me taking care of your arrangements in the smallest details so that everything will be done according to the contractual agreements and you are assured that everything will go according to plan.

And last, you will be happy because you will find me and my wife Egla to be nice people. We will make your wedding unforgettable because we are friendly and kind.

Not bad, right?

Now, can you imagine that you are spending a whole day with a photographer who is not right for you, with whom you are not in tune, and who is not a nice person?

With everything else being equal, which photographer would you prefer on your wedding day?

Will you want one who assists you, solves your problems, who is in tune, and with whom you spend an unforgettable day making memories and laughter, or a good one who does not communicate anything with you and does not follow your desires?

I am sure that once you understand who I am and what I will do for you, you will not have to fight with your family for the price.

7- How long before we have to contact you to book the date?

In general, most wedding requests arrive six to eight months before the wedding, but if you get married in the summer and on a weekend, it is better to book the date as soon as possible because you risk finding the date occupied.

8- If I decide to choose you, how can I contact or book you for my wedding?

You have two options: send a message through the Contact Me section on our website or send an email to and I will answer as soon as possible. If possible, it is better to make an appointment at my studio to get to know each other and find the best solution for you, maybe while drinking a cup of coffee or tea.

9- Do you work alone or with an assistant?

During a destination wedding, it is important to have the help of a second photographer, especially during the dressing and ceremony because we have to follow both the groom and the bride. For luxury events, we recommend additional photographers, especially if you have a large number of guests because it’s impossible to capture  stories of both families otherwise.

10- When do you arrive?

It depends on client requests! We can arrive the day before the wedding or early in the morning at your location on your wedding day.

11- What is your photographic style?

My photographic style incorporates artistic, creative, and photojournalistic elements. I like to call myself a “storyteller,” narrating your emotions in a unique, original way.

12-  When will our photos be ready?

We will upload your edited images in your online gallery within 60 days of your event, and you can select the images to print and use in your wedding story book, if requested.

13- What is a Teaser Slideshow?

It is a preview of the photos in a short video that represents your wedding story in a few minutes, delivered within 30 days of the event.

14-  How will we receive our photos and prints?

Your edited images are available to download in high resolution in your gallery, and if you request fine art prints, I will take care to send them to your address by standard or private post according to your requests in a personalized presentation box. The edited images are for personal use, which includes printing and sharing with family and friends. For the guests, we create a second gallery where they can view, download, or print the photos if requested, without the need to involve you.

15- Can I make my images private and agree to non-publication?

We accept that some couples, for personal reasons, would like their wedding to remain private or in some cases keep private only the images with children, guests, etc. You can agree to have only a few selected images of the wedding couple, wedding location, and wedding details for publication on the site, on social media, or in trade magazines before the events take place, or you can choose the option of a non-publication agreement. This means we will not share your photo gallery with anyone but you, with a password. We are not responsible for the distribution of the photos if you choose to share access to the gallery.

16- What are the prices and payment methods?

Upon confirmation, a deposit of 30% of the total fee is required. The remaining balance will be paid on the wedding day. Our price varies according to different requirements, so please contact me to receive a personalized quote. I will always offer you the best solution.


Francesco Fornaini


Via Mazzini 73, 56125 - Pisa, Italy

+39 327 697 6940

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