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My Story

Dear future newlyweds,

My name is Francesco. I’m a wedding photographer and a lover of storytelling through images.

My way of narrating your wedding day is similar to photojournalism. Maybe you are not familiar with it, but I’ll explain quickly what it consists of: every single moment, emotion, scene, and detail is immortalized and faithfully reported just as they happened and following the sequence of events, from dressing to party, and gestures in a natural way.

My style, obviously in continuous evolution, is a cross between photojournalism and art that takes inspiration from Renaissance paintings. Born in Tuscany, Italy, in an artistic family, my father is a painter, and because of that I appreciate beauty in all its forms. I have been learning from his teachings since I was a child.

My strong origins and the education I have received over the years through reading art books, as well as photographic and painting exhibitions, has allowed me to develop a critical photographic eye that I only realized I had when I started taking pictures.

Today, after several years of study and work, I know that light and posture are as important for a photographer as they were for a painter in the Renaissance period, who used diffuse, ambient light to enhance the softness and nuances of a scene.

I mainly like warm and vibrant colors, playing with the contrasts of the light and the geometries they create, looking for the best light to enhance the scene and trying to be in the right place at the right time.

It is no coincidence that I arrive to your wedding day at least an hour before the dressing begins, organizing the set for the photo shoot, looking for the right light and for the interaction between the couple and their relatives and friends.

Surely there will be scenes we can build while following my inspiration to exalt, as the painters did, your beauty, gestures, and special moments. This is the creative and artistic part of my work, and I kindly ask for your collaboration and sharing of ideas.

Then there is the other part of me, attracted to photojournalism and to the authenticity of situations, emotions, poses, and looks.

Here you will be yourself, regardless of my presence while having fun during the reception with your guests. I will be there, both present and absent, an observer who moves in a silent way, capturing your emotions as they happen.

Today, reflecting on my path and my way of seeing photography, I’m convinced that I made the right choice in becoming a photographer, guided by a passion that becomes stronger and more felt every day.

Dear future newlyweds,

Do you know the greatest satisfaction my work gives me?

It is in helping you solve problems by looking for the best solutions, without selling more than you need. This happens in complete transparency right from your first contact with me, whether you’re asking for a wedding quote by email or an appointment in the studio.

In this phase, just because we do not know each other, I will need your collaboration and some information about the wedding day, times, ceremony, location, transfers, and any special requests so that I can give you a quote that meets your needs.

It is really important for me to know you and understand if we will find that harmony between us that is at the base of a project as important as your wedding, so our cooperation will be efficient, clear, and harmonious.

If at any time you realize that I’m not the right photographer for you, you’re free to communicate that to me without feeling uncomfortable. I’ll do the same for you. Asking for a quote or having an appointment does not bind us in any way.

I am convinced that great collaborations are born when there is mutual respect, clarity, and harmony. Even if I do not know you, I care about you. I want your serenity because it is your unique event, and you have to live it as you have always dreamed of, with people you trust.

Since marriage is such a unique event and at the same time a complex one in its organization, my wife Egla and I are available to discuss any clarifications, doubts or advice. She manages the administrative part and customer relations, and when I’m out for work, she will answer your requests as soon as possible. We work as a team, with well-defined tasks to better meet your needs without using too much of your time.

Once the agreements and the contract have been signed—instruments of great importance for the contractual protection of both parties—we proceed to the organization of your wedding photo shoot.

From this moment until the wedding day, we will be in touch for any questions, doubts or fears, because I know the problems and anxieties that marriage entails. After all, I got married too.

Just because it is an event that I experienced firsthand, and I know how much your wedding day means to you, I want to assure you that everything will go according to our agreements without last-minute changes or extra payments.

For these reasons, I want to clarify why I am the person who can help, listen to, and support you on this long journey that sometimes lasts as long as a year or more. If you think about it, the photographer is the only supplier who will stay in touch with you even after the wedding, for the selection and delivery of photos and your wedding albums.

My gift for you are all those emotions that bring back to mind those moments you spent with your parents and friends on your special day. I would like to be your wedding photographer so together we can create beautiful memories.


Francesco Fornaini

My wife and I traveled from America to Italy to get married at the Abbey of San Galgano, Tuscany. It is a breathtaking place and we had the pleasure of having Francesco as one of our wedding photographers, the pictures came out so lovely! I’d like to say thank you for your hard work because it was a lot traveling from the villa and helping us to get ready at the abbey in the heat and still managing to capture some of our most precious moments as we legally became one!

Thank you!




Francesco and his wife Egla managed to create our wedding experience truly unforgettable thanks to their photography and their humor during the whole day. Francesco is an amazing artist, it’s as if he’s painting on canvas instead of shooting photos while Egla makes you feel comfortable and at ease just like a friend would. Their collaborators were up to their standards just as well.

Thank you!

Giulia &Raffaele 




We booked with Francesco ad Egla with very short notice before going to Florence for our private wedding. It was all on fantastic that day! We were very well taken care of. They made us feel very comfortable and confident with their professional and friendly manner.  They went all the way trying to take good pictures for us and to ensure that we have a great experience. It was so worth when we saw the photos at last.


Lulu & Julian





Il matrimonio è una delle tappe più importanti della nostra vita, fatto di momenti unici ed indimenticabili,  e per questo possiamo ringraziare Francesco e i suoi collaboratori del lavoro meraviglioso  che hanno fatto e che rimarrà indelebile per sempre. Loro sono delle persone estremamente professionali come pochi, ci hanno accompagnato per tutta la giornata cogliendo tutti i momenti più importanti, per farceli vivere ed emozionarci ogni volta che guardiamo il loro lavoro. 

Non potevamo avere a nostra disposizione dei professionisti migliori in questo giorno, attenti ad ogni minimo particolare! Da consigliare assolutamente a chiunque voglia avere delle belle foto ed un lavoro senza eguali.

Grazie di cuore,





Cercavo un fotografo che andasse oltre le solite foto di rito. Che riuscisse a cogliere piccoli particolari,ad immortalare tutte quante le emozioni si possono provare in un solo istante di quel giorno meraviglioso. Con Francesco ed Egla abbiamo trovato questo e molto altro: professionalità,simpatia,complicità e tante risate!Le foto che ci hanno fatto raccontano le 12 ore più belle della nostra vita.

Grazie mille!

Viola & Nicolas




Francesco ed Egla, giovani, simpatici, dinamici e professionali. Esperienza più che positiva che consigliamo!! Siamo stati seguiti e assecondati in ogni pazza foto che abbiamo voluto fare. Abbiamo ricevuto suggerimenti e attenzioni che hanno fatto si che il risultato delle foto sia stato ricco nei particolari ed abbia catturato degli attimi per noi importanti . Anche se il tempo a disposizione è stato limitato, per nostra scelta, il risultato invece non è stato da meno. Col senno in poi e per come siamo stati bene avremmo trascorso molto più tempo con loro.

Grazie ragazzi per il fantastico lavoro svolto!

Giovanna & Alessandro





Francesco Fornaini


Via Mazzini 73, 56125 - Pisa, Italy

+39 327 697 6940

P.IVA 02294560509