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Francesco Fornaini

wedding photographer


Dear future newlyweds,

First of all, I want to thank you for the interest you are expressing by visiting my website today. Surely you do not know who I am, maybe you’ve seen photos I’ve taken on social media, maybe you’ve heard of me from friends, but let me tell you a bit about me here.

I’m a genuine, curious, and creative man, attracted by everything that represents beauty in all its forms. I’ve been doing this job for many years and through all my experience I specialized in wedding photography of the highest level.

My clients call me a versatile artist, able to bring your moods to life with unique, distinctive, and original photos that make your wedding different from any other. I love work with light and shadow to bring what’s important to life and I have a strong passion for paintings.

My father is a painter and his influence helped me appreciate art at 360 degrees, but in particular I have one big love, and that is bringing back into photography the scenes, the plays of light, and the postures found in the Renaissance.

His teachings on the study of light and posture guide me in the compositions I create, looking for the particulars and the details, and driven by inspiration.

A beautiful photograph tells a story, a state of the soul, an event. It tells your deepest emotions. But to catch them, the photographer must have the eyes to see and a professionalism that is often taken for granted but is not always there.

If you ask me who I am, my answer is that I’m a storyteller! I love to narrate your emotions through images.

If you ask me what I can do for you, my answer is that I will help solve all your problems by looking for the best solutions for you.

If you consider yourself as creative and emotional as I am, I think you will appreciate my way of telling your story in an original, elegant, luxurious, and exciting way.

Thank you for the precious time you have dedicated me today.

Congratulations on your big day, and if I have the opportunity to be chosen as your ideal photographer, I will be honored and ready for a new, exciting, and engaging experience with you!


Francesco Fornaini


Via Mazzini 73, 56125 - Pisa, Italy

+39 327 697 6940

P.IVA 02294560509